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[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Richard Winpenny's Talk Information
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Speaker: Prof. Richard Winpenny

               The University of Manchester

Title: Lanthanide Complexes as Single Molecule Magnets

Place: A306, 1 West Building, Qujiang Campus

Time: 10:00 am, April 5th, 2016


The 4f-elements offer a fascinating opportunity for molecular magnetism, as they provide complexes that are isostructural but where the metal ion can have a diverse range of magnetic behaviour. Here we will focus on dysprosium(III) complexes as DyIII has a high magnetic moment and is very anisotropic, which makes it ideal for forming single molecule magnets. Dysprosium alkoxides have extremely high energy barriers for magnetic relaxation, and studies of such complexes allow us to make initial predictions concerning the relaxation pathways in such complexes. 1 From these studies we have developed an ideal structure for a single molecule magnet,2 and have pursued new chemistry to achieve this ideal structure. This has led to studies of [Dy(BIPM)2]- complexes3 (BIPM = {C(PPh2NSiMe3)2}2-) both as pure compound and doped into [Y(BIPM)2]- complexes. Very high energy barriers to magnetic relaxation are seen, which can be explained using CASSCF calculations ; luminescence spectroscopy confirms that the energy levels derived by CASSCF are broadly correct. We have also investigated magnetic exchange between Dy….Dycentres in other single molecule magnets, using a range of physical techniques to measure the exchange directly for the first time.

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